ForbesBooks is the Future of Business Publishing.

Launched in 2016, ForbesBooks is the next step in Forbes’ illustrious 100-year history of disruption and innovation in the media. Utilizing the Forbes multi-platform media network, ForbesBooks offers an unrivaled branding, visibility, and marketing platform to business authors.

ForbesBooks Difference

What makes ForbesBooks dramatically different and better?

  • Speed-to-market, while maintaining the highest standards. Authors will immeasurably benefit from our publishing process; we take as little as 1/4 the time of other publishers, while keeping to the award-winning editorial standards that have established Forbes as an iconic global media brand.
  • Multi-platform publishing and marketing. ForbesBooks Authors are published throughout the Forbes global network, and receive cross-platform marketing support from Forbes – this includes visibility in Forbes Magazine and ForbesBooks Review, online exposure on, ForbesSpeakers, and in-person events.
  • Brand recognition. Forbes is known globally as the top media brand for business leaders and professionals. Authors invited to publish with ForbesBooks will benefit from the brand’s authority and unique co-marketing and content opportunities, allowing them to reach a global and multi-faceted audience of executives, business owners, and decision makers.
  • Authors retain ownership of rights. ForbesBooks Authors are entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners who control and own their content and intellectual property. Unlike traditional publishers, ForbesBooks Authors retain full ownership and have full control of all rights to their book.
  • Unparalleled Author Support. ForbesBooks is a boutique publisher for The Best in Business. Peer-to-peer learning and ongoing strategic marketing guidance are provided through exclusive VIP experiences and access to major Forbes conferences.

We Create Your Book

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In As Little As 24 Hours of Your Time, We Create Your Book

Most entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professionals will never have time to write a book. We know that time is your most precious asset. ForbesBooks is the pioneer of pain-free book creation. Our famous Talk Your Book® Ghostwriting program has helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professionals create a book in less than a day. Requiring as little as 24 hours of your time (but investing over 250 hours of ours), we create and publish a beautiful book that meets the ForbesBooks standard and rivals the quality of any book found on the front table of major bookstores.

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You Save Hundreds of Hours of Your Time

We save you hundreds of hours of time, frustration, and indecision by doing the heavy lifting for you.  A one-stop-shop, ForbesBooks boasts a comprehensive in-house team of award-winning editorial and publishing professionals that will Create and Publish a book for you that will have impact.


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Award Winning Ghostwriters & Editors

ForbesBooks ghostwriters and editors are carefully selected and boast gold-plated credentials. Prior to ForbesBooks, they have worked and written for the largest names in business publishing and journalism, including Random House, HarperCollins, Disney, Time, and more!


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As Little As 24-Hours of Your Time

How long does it take to craft an impactful book that meets the Forbes standard and reads and looks as good or better than those on the front table of a major bookstore? More than 250 hours of our time, but only a fraction of which are yours!

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Pain-Free Book Creation and Publishing

Attempting to create an impactful book on your own can be a long, arduous, and frustrating process. The ForbesBooks team of ghostwriters, editors, designers, and marketers are under one roof. We work together to ensure an Enjoyable, Fulfilling, and Prosperous experience.

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180 Days to Launch

Professionals that write a book themselves invest over 1000 hours spread over 3.2 years from first writing to first rough draft. Traditional publishers average 2 years. At ForbesBooks, your published book will be in your hands and available to bookstores in as little as 180 days.


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The Publisher for Professionals®

Over the past 12 years, Advantage|ForbesBooks has published books for over 1,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professionals in 40 U.S. states and 13 countries. If you want to grow your business with your book, there is no other company and no bigger name better suited and committed to that outcome.


“I was thrilled when I was selected to publish under the ForbesBooks imprint because I recognized the opportunity cost of traditional publishers taking up to two years. In reality, the ForbesBooks process cut the timeline by 75%, while maintaining award-winning editorial and publishing standards.”

—Brandon Vallorani

How does ForbesBooks’ Talk Your Book® Ghostwriting Work?

  • Fast Start Author Program® | Authority Marketing Blueprint Day®
    We strategize, plan, and design the outline, delivering an actionable plan and blueprint of your book. This begins with our Fast Start Author Program®, which can be conducted over the phone, or our Authority Marketing Blueprint Day®program, conducted in-person at our Charleston, South Carolina office.
  • Talk Your Book® Ghostwriting
    We will select one of our specialized ghostwriters to tell YOUR story in YOUR voice. Our ghostwriters will deliver a polished manuscript drawn from interviews, published records, and 3rd party interviews. This takes only 24 hours of your time, while we invest over 250 hours of ours.
  • Publishing
    Your book will be outlined, edited, and indexed to make the right impression with readers. Our award-winning book packaging and graphic design team will illuminate your message with an enticing design that resonates with readers, rivaling the bestsellers found on the shelves of major book stores.
  • Distribution & Launch
    Your book will be distributed to online retailers and available to 25,000+ bookstores. ForbesBooks titles are available anywhere fine books are sold. Additionally, our titles are sold as eBooks and audio books via Apple, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Audible.
  • Market
    ForbesBooks offers a comprehensive branding, visibility, and marketing program to its Authors. Working with your industry-specific account team, we will deliver a 12-month campaign that gives you and your message maximum reach to Forbes global audience of readers.

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