Su Bridgman

Founder and Managing Director of SpeakFluence Global

Su Bridgman is the founder and managing director of SpeakFluence Global. She partners with clients in the medical, education, and financial industries to deliver corporate “communication grit” programs to senior management and regional teams. She advises on the development and implementation of “gritducation” enrichment programs in schools, meant to foster “character, grit, and social advocacy.” Bridgman partnered with top regional schools to deliver Ivy SpeakPod, SuperGirls, SpeakPod, and DebatePod programs, where students could learn to speak publicly, develop structured persuasive speech, and apply their skills to passion projects that have global impact.

She serves on the Board Of Directors for the Family Learning Program Officer, where she delivers innovative learning programs to the families and children of YPO Dubai. The program empowers families to develop 21st century skills, self-motivation, and leadership skills, while maintaining a balanced and holistic approach to life.


Communication Grit

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