Scott Cullather and Kristina McCoobery

Scott Cullather and Kristina McCoobery

Partners in business and in life, Scott Cullather, CEO, and Kristina McCoobery, COO launched INVNTTM, the global live brand storytelling agencyTM in 2008 — at the height of the global recession — with the aim of challenging the live event industry with a new kind of agency model, attitude, agency culture and results-driven approach.

Scott is a recognized industry leader with over 30 years’ experience leading teams in the design, production, and execution of hundreds of large-scale B2B and B2C brand experiences in over 40 countries, for dozens of the world’s leading brands, companies and trade organizations.


Kristina is a passionate and pro-active mentor with over 20 years of industry experience. Along with overseeing the award-winning agency’s operations, she manages some of INVNT’s largest accounts and longest-standing clients.

Challenge Everything™: The Battle Cry That Blew Sh*t Up and INVNTd Live Brand Storytelling™

Publication Date: December 2019

Aimed at budding entrepreneurs, business leaders and CMOs, in Challenge EverythingTM: The Battle Cry That Blew Sh*t Up and INVNTd Live Brand StorytellingTM Scott Cullather and Kristina McCoobery share their story of launching a scrappy start-up — at the beginning of a global recession — and evolving it into a fully-fledged global agency business, discuss the power of live brand storytelling and provide tactics for incorporating it into wider marketing strategies, reveal the next frontier of live: predictive analytics, and more.

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