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Jennifer Mackin is a change agent at heart and a passionate believer that the path of development is an ongoing and lifelong journey. As a leader in two consulting firms—CEO of Oliver Group, Inc. and President and Partner of Leadership Pipeline Institute US—Jennifer enables companies to transform by inviting their leaders to revolutionize the way they develop people. She has a bold goal for all CEOs and other leaders to connect people victories with business victories. As an author and speaker with over twenty-five years of consulting experience, she is a recognized leadership development influencer. As one of the few female leaders in her industry, she heads a growing national leadership consulting firm, and—through Oliver Group and Leadership Pipeline Institute—has experienced teams of consultants advising businesses all around the globe. Over the last two decades, she has shared her message that leaders deserve better with CEOs, human resources managers, leadership development leaders, entrepreneurs, and other senior leaders in healthcare, hospitality, distribution, government, manufacturing, higher education, banking, financial services, and social services.

Jennifer earned her BS in marketing from Indiana University in Bloomington and her MBA from Owen School of Management at Vanderbilt University. She and her husband have three sons and live in Louisville, Kentucky.

"Leaders Deserve Better: A Leadership Development Revolution" 2020

Publication Date: August 2020

PRAISE FOR JENNIFER MACKIN AND LEADERS DESERVE BETTER Jennifer is a true leadership expert who understands the theory and the practice of leadership development. Whether a new leader or a seasoned CEO, every reader will benefit from her cautions about how we have approached this vital function. The alternative she presents is sure to help individuals and organizations build their leadership muscle. —Neeli Bendapudi, PhD President, University of Louisville Drop the mic! I loved Leaders Deserve Better and found myself nodding in agreement with this astute assessment of leadership development in the twenty-first century. Mackin reminds us that increasing revenues, retaining customers, and attracting talent don’t just manifest because the alarm clock of disruption sounds off. It will happen when leaders wake up to revolutionize and make leadership development a strategic imperative. This is a must-read manifesto for any organization committed to achieving a meaningful purpose through people. —Simon T. Bailey Author CEO, Simon T. Bailey International In this revolutionary book, Jennifer Mackin powerfully and accurately paints a less-than-stellar picture of the state of leadership development in the world today. Backed by research and many years of experience both in the corporate world and in running a fast-growing leadership development consultancy, Mackin has seen it all. She masterfully presents her position and then offers groundbreaking advice and practical strategies that, if followed by CEOs, senior executive teams, and heads of leadership development and talent management, will truly revolutionize this critical, nonnegotiable element of every business that absolutely will determine its success. I strongly recommend Leaders Deserve Better for every CEO and executive in the world. Read it, internalize it, embrace it, and practice it, and you will see your people and your business flourish—as they should! —John Mattone Author, The Intelligent Leader Top executive coach Leadership is how we achieve an outsized influence on events and others. Good leadership is the reason. No matter what the untoward circumstances or injuries to their shortstop, some teams always finish near the top. Jennifer Mackin understands those principles. Even more importantly, Jennifer can teach you and your team. —Dave Oliver Author, Lead On, Against the Tide: Rickover’s Leadership Principles and the Rise of the Nuclear Navy, and A Navy Admiral’s Bronze Rules: Managing Risk and Leadership Rear Admiral, US Navy, Retired, and Former CEO

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