Jeff Rogers

Founder & Chairman, Stewardship Legacy Coaching, LLC

Jeff founded Stewardship Legacy Coaching, LLC, with a desire to help high net-worth people know their legacy will inspire a thriving family, for generations to come. His extensive experience in comprehensive wealth management, estate planning, charitable giving, strategic & tactical tax planning and business succession and exit planning have allowed him to bring clarity to even the most complex legacy transfer situations.

Jeff has been actively involved with numerous ministries and charities, both local and national for over 30 years. Through his career/ministry, Jeff has assisted clients in gifting over $800 million to ministries such as Wycliffe Bible Translators, Crown Financial Ministries, Finances God’s Way, Samaritan’s Purse, Compassion International, Campus Crusade for Christ, World Vision, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and scores of other churches and ministries.

Jeff is a charter member of Kingdom Advisors and has earned the Qualified Kingdom Advisor designation. In 2013, he was honored to be the recipient of the Larry Burkett Award from Kingdom Advisors. In 2009, he was honored to be the first recipient of the Foundation Award from Kingdom Advisors for his leadership in the area of charitable giving.

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jeff rogers thriving family legacy

Create A Thriving Family Legacy

Publication Date: January 2019

AN INTENTIONAL PLAN FOR A LASTING LEGACY You will Leave A Legacy for the next generation. We all will. Will your legacy include the values, virtues, guiding principles, and culture that you’ve worked hard to instill in your family or business? In Create a Thriving Family Legacy: How to Share Your Wisdom and Wealth with Your Children and Grandchildren, Jeff Rogers details how you can take a different approach to estate planning. Instead of merely transferring wealth to the next generation, Jeff teaches you how to prepare your heirs with wisdom and values, helping them thrive well beyond your years. Don’t just transfer your valuables; transfer your values. Don’t just transfer your wealth; transfer your wisdom to your children and grandchildren. Let Jeff become your guide as you intentionally create the legacy you truly want to leave behind. This book will be your field guide to whole-life stewardship, looking at five aspects of legacy: PERSONAL LEGACY | FAMILY LEGACY | FINANCIAL LEGACY | BUSINESS LEGACY | KINGDOM LEGACY If you want to create a lasting legacy that blesses your family, furthers God’s Kingdom, and supports the causes you love, then Create a Thriving Family Legacy is for you.

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