Yusuf Amdani

Chairman of the Board

Mohammed Yusuf Amdani Bai is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and investor. Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Amdani holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Karachi and an MBA, with a major in Marketing and Finance, from California State University at Fullerton.

Amdani comes from a family with a heritage background in the textile and yarn spinning industry, and in the early 1990s he decided to expand the business to Honduras, which today holds the headquarters to his company, GK. Now a multinational corporation, GK has operations in Pakistan, the U.S., Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Panama. It is a leading corporation in textiles, real estate, lifestyle, technology, and agriculture, and has gained accolades and a reputation for valuing human resources as its main asset.

Amdani is deeply passionate about the needs of the communities in which GK operates. He believes firmly that wherever his companies thrive, they should significantly benefit their employees, neighboring communities, and country in general. He has established Corporate Social Responsibility as a prevailing value in all GK’s companies and operations.

GK Foundation, which Amdani spearheaded, originated in Honduras and now also exists in Campeche, Mexico. The organization focuses on three main areas: health, education, and the environment. The foundation has led massive social projects, including the medical clinic named “Amar y Compartir” which functions as an extension of the Mario Catarino Rivas Public Hospital in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. GK Foundation also sponsors public schools that benefit more than 5,000 students and has funded bilingual free kindergarten programs. These efforts and others have led to various awards and recognitions, including Amdani being named President of the Honduran Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility from 2013 to 2017. Amdani is also Honorary Consul of the Republic of Indonesia in Honduras.

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