Will Brugge

Member Development Representative

In his role of Member Development Representative, Will is charged with handling outbound efforts for our formidable sales team. Operating in the financial vertical, he seeks out and identifies top-ranking thought leaders including but not limited to: wealth advisors, venture capitalists, angel investors, financial analysts, those in cryptocurrency, fintech, and beyond. Once Will has identified a financial industry expert whose goals would be well-served by the A|FB process, he connects them with one of our VPs of Member Development, who will further explore the financial expert’s goals for the business book they may eventually publish. MDRs have a keen sense of our team of VPs, ably matching prospective authors to the VP best suited to evaluate them.

An average work day consists of prospecting leads, working heavily in SalesForce, and tackling the occasional cold call with zeal and charisma. Will firmly believes that a detailed knowledge of the financial industry is critical to his role. Beyond this, the ability to speak to, connect with, and establish rapport with others over the phone is crucial, a skill he has only continued to hone during his tenure. His passion for talking to people is perhaps one of the chief reasons he pursued a career in sales.

Will attended the College of Charleston, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in finance. During his undergraduate career, he spent four years with T-Mobile, working on both the B2B side and retail side of the business. Without hesitation, Will names F. Scott Fitzgerald as his favorite author.

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