Walt Brown

Certified EOS® Implementer

Walt Brown’s favorite metaphor for an Organizational Operating System (OOS) is the waterwheel. Powering human endeavors for millennia, a waterwheel is powerful, patient, and versatile―powered by an endless renewable source. Walt believes that, like a waterwheel, a good OOS captures the source of an organization’s energy and direction, powering your organization. Walt’s Seven Questions and the tools of your OOS are the buckets on that wheel, the fins on the turbine. If you can keep filling those buckets by aligning everyone to answer “Yes,” on the Seven Questions of your OOS, you will harness incredible energy within your company. Walt Brown is seven for seven when it comes to launching and growing new companies. Over the last decade, he helped transform the culture of more than 125 businesses across the country through patience and best-practice exercises.

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The Patient Organization: Attracting, Engaging, And Empowering Team Players

Publication Date: June 2018
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