Veta T. Richardson

Veta T. Richardson is the president and CEO of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), an organization of 45,000 lawyers serving over 10,000 companies across 85 countries. ACC sets the standard for in-house counsel, representing close to 100 percent of the Fortune 100 and over half of the Global 1000. During her tenure, she has been responsible for working with the ACC Board and Staff on strategies that have substantially grown ACC’s membership, expanded its global footprint, and launched key advocacy efforts like, Seat at the Table which focuses on the position and credibility of the general counsel in the C-Suite, as well as ACC’s investments in research and benchmarking, credentialing and legal operations. Prior to being named ACC CEO, Veta was a nationally recognized thought leader regarding diversity and inclusion in the legal sector, serving as an advisor to three U.S. Presidential Administrations (Clinton, Bush, Obama) and garnering multiple awards for best-in-class programs while she was executive director of the Minority Corporate Counsel Association.

As a speaker and author, Veta is creating a roadmap for others to hone their potential in business and life. Hers is a story that is still unfolding, but Veta is cementing a legacy of success through commitment to her core values and a drive to inspire others to dream bigger.

Take Six: Essential Habits To Own Your Destiny, Overcome Challenges, And Unlock Opportunities

Publication Date: August 24, 2021

Take Six: Essential Habits to Own Your Destiny, Overcome Challenges, and Unlock Opportunities is designed to do just that. Veta’s own life has demonstrated the power of these habits to take her from a shy high school kid aspiring to become a lawyer to the leader of a global bar association. Through the exercises and stories in this book, you’ll discover how to design and execute your career, identify skills, present your achievements, and stand up for your values so that you are prepared for any challenge—including the challenges of leadership in difficult times.

Veta is proud to be called “the best mentor ever” by many of the hundreds of people she has mentored. This book is her effort to extend that helping hand to many more people than she can work with individually.

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