Tim T. Mercer

TIM T. MERCER is cofounder and managing partner of Intelibox, a top Inc. 500 technology company that provides information security training, consulting, and digital solutions to government agencies, corporations, and small businesses.

A true “bootstrapped entrepreneur,” he has started and scaled several businesses from zero to multimillion dollars in revenue. Tim is a US Army veteran and a graduate of the Small Business Administration’s Emerging Leader’s program, and he has been featured in Forbes, Institute for Veterans and Military Families, Industry Era, and Inc. magazine. He’s committed to sharing insights and lessons learned from his own experiences to help clients, employees, and business partners excel and grow.

Tim and his wife, Cassandra, reside in Atlanta, Georgia, with their dog, Coco.

Bootstrapped Millionaire book cover

Bootstrapped Millionaire: Defying the Odds Of Business

Publication Date: November 2020

The Age Of Opportunity Is Now

Growing up in poverty-stricken rural South Carolina, Tim Mercer wasn’t exactly set up for entrepreneurial success. Despite the odds stacked against him, he would go on to found the technology consulting business Intelibox, growing the company to a multimillion-dollar business.

But Bootstrapped Millionaire is not only the true rags-to-riches story of one man’s life; it’s also an inspirational guide to budding entrepreneurs hoping to reach similar heights.

Follow along as Tim explains the Three Phases of Entrepreneurship (Independent Consulting, Small Business Ownership, Public Corporation), with practical advice to apply no matter where you are on your own entrepreneurial journey. In today’s world, it’s easier than ever to start your own business, but it will take commitment, strategy, and financial literacy in order to succeed.

Praise for “The book is proof that with sheer determination, all things are possible! Tim came from such humble beginnings and being able to overcome his obstacles and obtain his wealth speaks volumes about his tenacity and willingness to do what so many people only dream of. I am now a true believer that with perseverance, the unthinkable is obtainable!”

– ROBIN J. BELL, retired Army veteran, published author, and public speaker

Bootstrapped Millionaire is the book all entrepreneurs need to read, especially new entrepreneurs. Tim’s willingness to be transparent with his entrepreneurial journey provides a peek into the real life of an entrepreneur.”

– MARJORIE WAYE, financial advisor and author

“Whether you are a new entrepreneur just starting on your journey or a seasoned pro who has been at it a while, Bootstrapped Millionaire is just the guide you need to encourage you to continue on. This book is a great read. I was drawn in immediately and didn’t want to put it down.”

– THERESA L. BROWN, owner, The PM Trainer™; president and founder, International Society of Black Project Managers

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