Shay Eskew Quadruples Speaking Fee After Publishing Book

"Shortly after, it’s a bestseller and my life has never been the same. My speaking fee has quadrupled, my demand has gone through the roof. I have had ten times the amount of speaking requests that I did prior to having the book out. Honestly, the biggest satisfaction from all this was just knowing the amount of lives I’ve touched by sharing my journey."

“I believe that life is there for the taking. So many times situations present themselves and we dismiss it as a coincidence as opposed to realizing this could change our entire life trajectory forever. I was told to reach out to a gentleman named Jack Daly. If you don’t know Jack, I highly encourage you to look him up. This guy is a mover and a shaker. I reached out to Jack via LinkedIn and convinced him to have dinner with me. He agreed to do so and as we started having some small talk conversations, Jack said, ‘Shay, shoot me straight. Why are we here tonight? What is your end goal?’ If you know Jack, you can appreciate his tenacity. His intensity just pierces right through you, it’s almost like he can just see your inner soul. I said, ‘Jack honestly, my CEO was hoping that you would talk me out of what I’ve already done. I’ve quit my sales job to pursue a leadership one.’ As I started sharing with Jack what I’ve done, what I want to do in life, he said, ‘Shay, I get it. You’ve mastered sales and you’re ready for the next big challenge. You and I are no different. I’m the same way, but the bigger question I have for you is, when are you writing your book?’ I said, ‘What? Jack, are you kidding me? Did you not hear me? I’m a father of five under 13, I travel every week for work, I train 15 hours a week to compete in Iron Man. I can’t possibly fathom how I can squeeze in writing a book amongst all that, nor am I willing to give up anything right now to make that happen.’ He said, ‘Shay, all those things you’re telling yourself, those are excuses. I’ve written three bestsellers, I travel every week for work, I also compete in Iron Mans, oh and by the way, I’ve done 95 marathons on all seven continents.

Shay Eskew

Brentwood, TN

Chief Development Officer & Motivational Speaker at Kemberton

Shay Eskew's Book

What The Fire Ignited: How Life’s Worst Helped Me Achieve My Best