Buddy Teaster Gains New Partners For His Non-Profit By Giving Them His Book

"In fact, recently, a big, multi-national company that we were working with in Asia, really couldn’t find the key to unlock the door. I gave the CEO a copy of my book, he read the book, came back after the weekend and said, ‘We’re going to do this.’ In ways that have gone far beyond our expectations. The process and having the physical book in our hands that we can give to people has changed the way that we tell our story and how people see us. The ROI is really easy for us to identify. It’s something that we value far beyond what shows up on an income statement. We would recommend it to anybody."

“In 2017, Soles for Souls was coming out of a pretty rough financial period and we had to watch every dollar and we made a really important decision. We thought to tell our story, we needed more time. More than email, more than a social media post would allow, so we explored this idea of a book. We have so many people who we work with. We work with individuals, corporations and entrepreneurs and partners on the ground all over the world. We wanted to tell this complex story in a way that allows people to really understand what we’re trying to do. I knew Adam through the Young Presidents Organization so when I reached out to him. He invited me down for an Authority Marketing Blueprint Day to see if it would be a good mutual fit. We came out of that day and one of my colleagues who I was working with at the time said, ‘This is the right thing to do.’

Buddy Teaster

Nashville, TN

CEO of Soles for Souls

Buddy Teaster's Book


Shoestrings: How Your Donated Shoes and Clothes Help People Pull Themselves Out Of Poverty