Success Stories

Matt Burk Wrote Book That Is Still Bringing In New Clients Years Later

“Don’t wait. Do it sooner rather than later. There is nothing more powerful than being able to drop off a book and hand that to your prospects. Advantage really makes the process easy, even for people who don’t like to write. In my mind, being able to persuade people with the written word when you are doing marketing that is based on educating the people you are talking with and doing it in a book format, I don’t know of any better way to establish credibility with your marketplace than writing a book.” Read More

Matt Burk

Porland, OR

CEO of Fairway America

Matt Zagula Uses Advantage to Make His Message Neat and Concise

"Life after the book gets you into the position of understanding all of the little steps that are required to deliver your content in a very concise and neat package. What I loved about my experience with ForbesBooks and the folks over at Advantage was the fact that they had systems and processes in place that took you by the hand and showed you how to build that content in the most compelling and moving way. For that, I’m a huge advocate for the folks over at ForbesBooks and Advantage. If you are considering it, this will elevate you in your profession, it will make you the expert in your field. If you are considering it, stop and just do it." Read More

Matt Zagula

Weirton, West Virginia

Financial Advisor, SMART Retirement

Brent Tilson Sees an 8-Time ROI on Book and Doubles Close Ratio

"I’ve been on over 15 radio shows across the country. I’ve been on multiple podcasts. I’m now doing keynote speaking engagements in front of thousands of people across the country. On a business level, I had an 8-time return on my investment in my very first year. I doubled our close ratio and we had a 50% increase in our pipeline." Read More

Brent Tilson

Greenwood, IN

Founder & CEO at Tilson HR

Carla Moore Quits Job At HBO To Step Into Coaching Business Full Time

"Before the book, I had 52 social media followers across all platforms. After the book, I have 10,586 followers as of this morning. Before the book, I had secured one paid speaking engagement. After the book, I have secured 27 paid speaking engagements. Before the book, my business took in a bit shy of $10,000. After the book and as of today, I have earned over $100,000 in book sales, whether it be online or at my events, speaking fees, coaching and business consulting. They say 80% of all Americans want to write a book but only 1% really do it. If you want to write a book, Advantage is the way to go." Read More

Carla Moore

Alpharetta, Georgia

Speaker & Certified Transformation Coach

Jack Daly Shares The Stage with Shark Tank Judges and Richard Branson

"I’ve gone on to write three books with Advantage. All three of those books became #1 Amazon Bestsellers in the business section. The things that the books have done for me have been amazing. I’ve shared the stage with every one of the people on Shark Tank, other than Mark Cuban, as well as Richard Branson. A myriad of gigs have taken place as a result of the book." Read More

Jack Daly

San Clemente, California

Speaker and International Sales Coach

Josh Luke's Two Books Make The Amazon Bestseller List on Launch Day

"One of my favorite book covers of all time and it’s my book, so how cool is that? Advantage|ForbesBooks helped me market that book. It went to bestseller on Amazon on launch day." Read More

Dr. Josh Luke

Los Angeles, CA

Founder & CEO of Health-Wealth

Eduardo and Erica Campos Cite Their Book As The Best Decision They Have Ever Made

“Deciding to write a book with Advantage|ForbesBooks was one of the best decisions that we’ve ever made together, on the professional side as well as on the personal side. It was so good, we are thinking of writing another book with them.” Read More

Eduardo and Erica Campos

Bellevue, Washington

Authors, Speakers, Solution Designers, Advisors

Peter Strauss Credits Book With Bringing In Higher Quality Clients

"Prior to working with ForbesBooks, I self published a number of books. It goes without saying that publishing a book with ForbesBooks has been a game changer for us. We experienced immediate engagement. We have seen an uptick, not only in the number of clients, but also the quality of those clients." Read More

Peter Strauss

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Strauss Global

Tony Zorc Uses Book To Hone In On His True Message

“Writing this book has changed my life and it’s really crystalized what I’m about and forced me to go back and think about my experiences—how they all add up and how all this has come together. It’s made me ask myself, ‘What is my true message?’" Read More
Tony Zorc

Tony Zorc

Baltimore, Maryland

Founder of Accounting Seed

Kevin Armstrong Grows Business From 6 to 7 Figures In Revenue

"I’ve gone from 6 figures in revenue to 7 figures over the course of just the past couple of years and I attribute a lot of that to the team at Advantage and helping us produce a very, very professional product and helping us how to market that properly.” Read More

Kevin Armstrong

Seattle, WA

President of The Interdependent Training Group

Randy Nelson Becomes Thought Leader And Opens Coaching Center

"The books allowed me to make the jump from coach and consultant into the thought leadership space." Read More

Randy Nelson

Raleigh, NC

Coach & Consultant

Stephen Gerard Takes His Manuscript Over The Finish Line with The Help of ForbesBooks

"The team has been outstanding and all of the public relations, the ForbesBooks Radio, the marketing has really been a lot of fun to see. In terms of being gratifying, certainly there are business opportunities that come from it." Read More

Stephen Gerard

New Jersey and California

Board Chairman of the Leisure Collective International