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What do you do when successful plays stop delivering?

It’s a key marker of liminal space: the same plays you have been running for years just aren’t working anymore. Often, you’re unsure why; things just don’t feel right. These moments can feel confounding, but they are actually ripe with opportunity––particularly if you know how to harness them.

At the telos institute, co-founders Rick Simmons and Amy Simmons partner with leaders, teams, and organizations to do just that, providing the guided exploration, self-examination, and self-knowledge necessary to navigate and embrace liminal space––periods of discontinuity that create an openness to change. The result? Extraordinary growth and amplified success.

Rick and Amy founded the telos institute in 2006, offering organizational strategy, leadership development, and change management to leaders, teams, and organizations around the world. Rick serves as CEO, curating vision and strategy. His extensive experience working with companies in moments of significant transition informs his approach to corporate change management and executive coaching. His passion for and expertise in coaching were recently recognized by the McLean/Harvard Medical School’s Institute of Coaching, where he was named a Founding Fellow.

As telos’ Chief Experience Officer, Amy is shaping telos’s approach to executive coaching sessions, team evolution engagement, and enterprise transformation initiatives, aligning clients’ unique development needs with content delivery throughout the organization. Her work is informed by her experience in coaching, training, career management, and recruiting roles, as well as her background in adult learning theory and curriculum and course development. She holds a Registered Corporate Coach designation from the Worldwide Association for Business Coaches and a Mindfulness for Enhanced Performance Certificate from the Weatherhead School of Management.

Both Rick and Amy earned MS degrees in Organizational Behavior from Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. Partners in work and life, they live near Cleveland, Ohio, with their four children.

Unleashed: Harnessing the Power of Liminal Space

Publication Date: July 2021

With Unleashed, Rick Simmons and Amy Simmons unpack exactly why periods of uncertainty and volatility, or liminal space, are ripe with disproportionate opportunity. They share how to best leverage key points of inflection, reveal real-life examples of when liminal space was best managed for transformative results, and provide insight on how readers can thoughtfully trigger and curate these high-leverage moments in their own work and lives to catalyze unimaginable change.

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