Patrick Rush

CEO of Triad Financial Advisors

Patrick Rush is the CEO of Triad Financial Advisors in Greensboro, North Carolina, and is a practicing Certified Financial Planner™ professional. He has consistently received national recognition as a top financial advisor by Forbes, Barron’s, and the Financial Times, and his firm was awarded by the Invest in Others Charitable Foundation as a “Charitable Champion.” Patrick is the author and instructor of Retirement 101, a course designed to teach the fundamentals of financial planning and investment management to both pre-retirees and retirees. He is a fierce advocate of the view that all financial advisors should be held to the fiduciary standard. Patrick resides in Greensboro with his wife, Dr. Christina Rush, their daughter, Havana, and their twin boys, Walker and Quincy.

Gain Big And Give Back

Publication Date: September 2020

Live With Purpose, Retire With Confidence A generation of Americans is currently easing into their golden years, and the affluence of the baby boomer millionaires offers important lessons for all of us. They didn’t achieve it through subterfuge or secret knowledge, but by following simple, age-old, established rules for saving and investing. In Gain Big and Give Back, Patrick Rush, who worked in all facets of the financial services industry before launching his own independent wealth management firm, shares his playbook for becoming wealthy and using that wealth to live with purpose. The journey, Rush teaches, starts with developing and adhering to a comprehensive plan that covers all the bases of your financial life. Rush explains how to navigate the tricky family dynamics of talking about money and makes a compelling case for evidence-based investing that emphasizes long-term gains over short-term speculation by letting the markets work for you. With disarming humility and a strong sense of humanity, Gain Big and Give Back is about people first and finance second; money, Rush writes, is simply a means to an end. Gain Big and Give Back will empower you to achieve both.

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