Mikayla Ceraso

Content Writer

Mikayla is among our talented team of content writers, operating primarily in the Health vertical and occasionally Entrepreneurship. She is tasked with discovering the unique voice of each Member and capturing it in richly written tweets, Facebook posts, and LinkedIn posts. These posts are instrumental in growing our Members’ social media following and keeping their variant audiences informed and engaged. A strong command of grammar is essential to her role, as is the ability to gracefully navigate between and inhabit the voice of each Member.

A thorough understanding of the nuances of each social media outlet is likewise critical to the creation of appropriate content, as the platforms vary in many ways, some of which are imperceptible to the casual observer. A tried and true millennial, she is primed to catch these nuances and draft posts accordingly.  Mikayla understands that a thoughtful hashtagging strategy, for example, can help get a Member’s products and services before the correct audience. Her efforts help cultivate a Member’s Authority as reflected in their online presence. This in turn helps them attract clients and leads.

A lover of social media and an even greater lover of writing, Mikayla enjoys getting to pour over words each day. She recently obtained her BA in Arts Management as well as a BA in Communication from the College of Charleston. Rupi Kapur is among her favorite authors, namely her famed debut, Milk and HoneyThe Book of Qualities by J. Ruth Gendler is also among her favorite titles.

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