Michele Bailey

Michele Bailey is president and CEO of The Blazing Group, a brand and culture agency founded in 1994 as Blazing, a creative strategic communications agency. Michele’s concern for the health and wellness of her own team is a key component of Blazing’s culture and became a pivotal element in the development of Michele’s newest enterprise in the Blazing Group family, MY BIG IDEA®. Designed to harness the talent of individuals and teams to drive business growth, MY BIG IDEA is the proprietary program behind the strategy-first approach Blazing uses with its clients to find alignment in the goals and objectives of key players from the ground up and across the company as a whole. Michele learned the importance of expressing gratitude at a young age and is passionate about paying it forward. She is an engaging storyteller and brings the human element to the forefront of all her relationships, be they personal or business. She is an active and recognized member of the community, initiating or supporting fundraising activities for charitable organizations in healthcare, underprivileged youth, orphaned children, and various women’s business organizations. Michele has served as a Board Member for the Oakville Hospital Foundation, Liberty for Youth, and the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO)

A champion of women in business, Michele was the driving force that brought the first WPO chapter to Canada, and currently sits on the board of the Women Presidents’ Organization as its international representative. Blazing was the first Canadian company to be certified a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and is also a member of WEConnect International. Michele has received both local and international recognition as a recipient of the WPO Mary Lehman MacLachlan Economic Empowerment Award (2013), the TIAW World of Difference 100Award (2012), and Oakville’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2010). Most recently, Michele was awarded the BMO (Bank of Montreal) Expansion & Growth in Small Business Award (2017) and the WBE Leader Award (2020)

The Currency of Gratitude book cover

The Currency of Gratitude: Turning Small Gestures Into Powerful Business Results

Publication Date: April 2021

We may live in a world dominated by technological innovations capable of offering us “personalized” contact with our clients and customers, but in The Currency of Gratitude, Michele Bailey argues that heartfelt, specific, and direct communication steeped in gratitude can grow and sustain a business far better than any targeted technology. Bailey begins from the premise that our professional and personal lives are not as separable as we’ve allowed them to seem. Given that inseparability, the central tenet of all good business comes down to the cultivation of genuine and long-lasting connections and relationships that acknowledge and develop the whole person.

Through engaging stories and real-life business examples, Bailey shows how making gratitude a priority in one’s professional life enables businesses to attract and retain top talent and clients and raises employee engagement and productivity. By cultivating brand ambassadors, sustaining a culture of gratitude within one’s business can have cascading outward effects―from increased brand awareness to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Currency of Gratitude proves that small gestures can have big results and invites you to consider immediate and practical ways for promoting gratitude within your own business culture.