Maggie Canning

Maggie plays an integral role in the Corporate Marketing team’s lead generation and analytical efforts. Coordinating with the team’s Director and Communications Manager, she aids in the development and execution of marketing campaigns – including direct outreach, events, and strategic partnerships. Event logistics comprise a great deal of her responsibilities, as she ensures our presence at critical industry events and potential-client hubs. In addition, Maggie continually communicates with our partners and sponsored organizations, diligently seeking new ways to leverage these relationships for exposure and business connections. She conducts post-campaign analyses as well as competitive analyses.This allows the team to determine the ROI of marketing efforts, informing how  the marketing budget will be allocated in future endeavors.

Her role demands sharp organizational skills, as well as the ability to ask probing questions to improve existing business processes. Maggie brings a background in corporate event planning and an expertise in analytical programs to the Advantage family. She holds an MBA from the University of Georgia with an emphasis on marketing and business analytics, and previously served in business development for SOAR Performance Group and event operations roles for Marriott International and Club Corp. She has been a barre instructor at Pure Barre since 2013 and a member of the corporate training team since 2016.

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