Kirby Andersen

Lead Account Manager

Kirby brings an illustrious professional background and formidable skillset to the Advantage family, in addition to his exceptional attitude. As the team’s shining lead account manager, he deftly oversees the execution of our Members’ marketing programs, while also working at the internal level to train new Account Managers and streamline their professional on-boarding. He spends a great deal of his time communicating with Members directly, frequently checking in on the progress of a given account, ensuring that we hit key milestones. Kirby embodies the spirit of our tagline, “The Business Growth Partner,” as this is the facet of his job that he enjoys most. He finds enormous fulfillment in bringing a new perspective to our Members’ business model, and alleviating their pain points in the marketing sphere.

Kirby’s career narrative is one for the books. Initially a Civil Engineering major at the University of New Hampshire, he made the drastic shift to Sports Marketing after a stint in sports management for the school’s hockey team. Upon graduating, he set his sights on New York City, hoping to join the digital marketing team of the New York Rangers. The Rangers, which happened to be owned by AMC, had no available openings, but Kirby made such a forceful impression that he was personally put in touch with AMC and presented as a stellar marketing candidate. He immediately landed a job with the network and proceeded to work on a number of famed AMC shows, including Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad.

AMC then entered into a contract with Netflix, just prior to the launch of its streaming service. He was placed on a team tasked with coordinating the partnership between AMC and Netflix, ultimately selecting Breaking Bad as the show to feature on the newfound streaming service. The results were astronomical, as both Breaking Bad and Netflix “blew up” as a result. Viewership of the show quadrupled, and Netflix was propelled to the forefront of the future of television. Passionate about keeping our planet clean, Kirby spends much of his time beachside, having volunteered with the Surfrider Association to help clean up our beaches. A voracious reader, he names F. Scott Fitzgerald his favorite author.

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