Katie Rutledge

Marketing Project Manager

Katie serves as a Project Manager for our unrivaled in-house marketing agency, the Authority Institute. Working with a team of content writers, digital strategists, and designers, Katie works tirelessly to ensure that Member deliverables are completed on time, expenses are tracked, and the questions and concerns of both Members and Team Members are fielded. She meticulously updates and adjusts timelines to reflect the needs of the Member, making sure they are kept firmly on track throughout the implementation of their Marketing program.

Katie’s role demands a sharp memory, keen attention to detail, unflinching organizational skill, and the ability to execute a number of concurrent priorities. In addition to our core Team Members, she also coordinates with freelancers, ensuring that everyone on the team is privy to the status of a project.

She holds a degree in Marketing from the University of South Carolina. Upon graduating, she began working for APEX Systems, an IT staffing firm. There, she worked with clients to flesh out the role they hoped to fill, locate candidates, and seamlessly ferry them through the application and screening process. Everyday Mindfulness is among her favorite books.


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