Justin Batt

Justin Batt

Chief Revenue Officer

As Chief Revenue Officer, Justin connects top industry thought leaders with a powerful platform to share their passions, stories, and knowledge with the world. Ultimately, Justin aims to help Members achieve their personal and professional business goals, and enact positive change in the process, through ForbesBooks’ unique combination of authorship and Authority Marketing.

Justin contributes a wealth of entrepreneurial and healthcare experience to his work. Prior to joining the Advantage|ForbesBooks Team, Justin enjoyed a 14 year career in the corporate healthcare sector. During that time, he worked with two of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world, focusing on the areas of population health management, value-based care, transformation of care, and healthcare benefit solutions. Justin also honed his entrepreneurial expertise while working with health IT startups developing mobile applications and health-based technology in the areas of pain and cardiovascular disease. In addition to his professional experiences, Justin shares a personal passion for athletics with many Authors. A Sports Marketing major at Clemson University, he has been a lifelong participant in and fan of athletics.

With healthcare accounting for 17% of the American GDP, cost management in the healthcare industry is one of today’s most significant issues. Justin believes in the power of ForbesBooks as a vehicle to position industry disrupters to enact meaningful change by growing their authority and business. In athletics, Justin and the ForbesBooks Team serve as an invaluable link between sports and business, guiding successful athletes as they expand and translate their platform to become successful business professionals.

When not at work, Justin can be found helping his wife, Heather, run her bridal enterprise, spending time with his four children, and growing his personal platform, Daddy Saturday. Built around the moments Justin has shared with his children, Daddy Saturday encourages intentional Dads to create epic moments with their children.


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