Jeanet Wade

Certified EOS Implementer

Jeanet Wade helps business leaders get more of what they want from their businesses by facilitating, teaching, and coaching the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®). As a certified EOS implementer, she has a proven track record of helping businesses get traction on their vision through cultivating healthy teams.

Over more than two decades as a consultant, coach, and facilitator, Jeanet has put together a mix of strategic, practical, and tactical knowledge that over 125 small and medium-sized businesses in a broad and diverse range of industries and markets have used to get results. She has been on leadership teams at start-ups, large corporations, and family-owned businesses, so she understands the challenges and frustrations of the business leaders who seek her help. She is passionate about helping leaders take concrete, simple actions that will drive powerful results.

The Human Team: So, You Created A Team But People Showed Up!

Publication Date: March 2021

What matters more: nature or nurture? Both, this book teaches us—although the question is flawed. Before we can nurture people to achieve their best, we must attend to their needs, which are the missing link between nature and nurture. When human needs go unmet, people engage in off-putting, self-destructive, and financially ruinous behavior. But if leaders, managers, and facilitators attend to six simple human needs—clarity, connection, contribution, challenge, consideration, and confidence—we can create stronger teams and business powerhouses. Instead of endlessly wrangling our teams and using bland engagement exercises to inject life into our people, we can create teams with intrinsic motivation and unstoppable drives for success and excellence. Human beings are our most valuable business assets. If you read this book and follow the directions it outlines about people, then there’s no limit to what your business can achieve. Harness the power of your Human Team.

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