Jason Randall

CEO, Questco

Jason Randall, a business leader with a gift for inspiring successful teams, has a résumé nobody would ever build by design. Jason studied accounting at the University of Missouri-Columbia, became a CPA for an international firm, then left to start small franchise businesses with a lifelong friend. After taking time out to earn an MBA at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Jason plunged into the corporate world at Goldman Sachs and Boston Consulting Group before eventually becoming director of brand marketing for Maritz, a storied B2B company. In 2005, Jason became CEO of an e-commerce company, where he was introduced to the concept of outsourcing human resources as a client of Insperity. He later joined Insperity, a company with more than $4 billion in revenue, serving as a vice president and managing director. In 2018, Jason was named CEO of Questco, a Houston-area HR outsourcing company known for its can-do spirit and award-winning customer service.

Beyond the Superhero: Executive Leadership for the Rest of Us

Publication Date: June 29, 2021

Occupying a corner office shouldn’t make a business leader feel overwhelmed, underprepared, or anxious about failing. Still, we unfairly set up impossible expectations for senior leaders to drive the success of their enterprises. Jason Randall offers an alternate path to success based on his unusually diverse career managing teams big and small. Beyond the Superhero: Executive Leadership for the Rest of Us is part memoir, part handbook. Writing with extraordinary clarity, Randall debunks myths and explores the strategies that he uses every day to strengthen his team, care for his clients, and overcome chaos. This is a book for anyone in leadership—and anyone who plans to be. It offers practical tactics for exercising humility, building confidence, clarifying purpose, and creating a human-centered company culture.

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