Jane & Scott Wolfe

Founders of Melba’s PoBoys

JANE AND SCOTT WOLFE are the founders of Melba’s PoBoys, recognized in 2016 as the fastest-growing company in Louisiana by Inc. magazine and by GQ magazine as one of the best restaurants in the most unexpected places. Starting as teenage entrepreneurs in 1982, the Wolfes founded and operated some of New Orleans’ most iconic and fastest-growing businesses, including Wagner’s Meat markets and Wolfman Construction.
A graduate of Harvard Divinity School, Jane also credits higher education for providing her with a broader, richer perspective on the finer connections between business, politics, and religion that drive a company’s success.
Over the course of their business career, the Wolfes’ businesses generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, received national recognition, and employed more than three hundred people.

From GED to Harvard then Inc. 500

From GED To Harvard Then Inc. 500: How Two Teens Went From GEDs To Building The Fastest Growing Business In New Orleans

Publication Date: April 2020

WHEN YOU START WITH LOVE, YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING In From GED to Harvard Then Inc. 500, be prepared to fall not just for a city but for a couple who firmly believe that the most wildly successful businesses don’t start with a sale or even a product … they start with a desire to engage with others. When they bought a run-down little market in 1982, the Wolfes didn’t even consider the idea of failing. At seventeen and nineteen years old, Jane and Scott knew that if they were going to succeed, they needed to put their whole heart into their business. And it worked. The Wolfes found that success isn’t as much about what you sell―it’s about the feelings that your team members project and your customers walk away with. In short, it’s about love. From GED to Harvard Then Inc. 500 walks with the Wolfes through their journey from the early years of Wagner’s Meat, its growth and utter destruction by Hurricane Katrina, their astonishing rebuilding, and the realization of running a New Orleans icon that has a little bit of everything … and a whole lot of community engagement.

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