George Stevens

Creative Director

George Stevens serves as the fearless Creative Director of our Graphic Design team. An Advantage Team Member for more than a decade, his role is multifaceted, with coexisting elements of design and team management. He oversees a highly-skilled team of designers, delegating tasks to their schedules and his own. With a close, careful eye on the quality of each project, he endeavors to keep everything moving smoothly in the Graphic Design department. In addition to overseeing the team, he continues to work on select book projects, while also working with Advantage’s leadership team on various creative endeavors outside of publishing.
He first became involved with graphic design for his high school newspaper, where he rose to the role of editor-in-chief and oversaw a staff of 60. He went on to study journalism at the University of South Carolina, following a visual communications track and graduating magna cum laude. George is the proud recipient of three AMA Spark! Awards for Best Book Cover, among other accolades for his sprawling design portfolio. To complement his daytime creativity in publishing design, he performs music with three different bands. He also enjoys hiking, jogging, and beer—though rarely at the same time. He is very serious about not taking life too seriously.