Garrett Hurley

CEO, Brix Wealth Management

Garrett Hurley is the CEO of Brix Wealth Management, a firm committed to redefining financial planning for America’s most successful business owners. Garrett strives to create transparency and simplicity where ambiguity once stood. He fights the Wall Street establishment to show business owners and CEOs how to achieve their most critical goals and objectives. Garrett’s commitment to comprehensive financial planning and objective advice has led Brix Wealth Management to work with some of the country’s most visionary business owners.

He is currently launching Unnetwork, a start-up designed to reinvent traditional business networking, as well as the Brix Foundation, where he intends to foster a gourmet beverage concept hiring adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. One hundred percent of profits will go toward international efforts to promote the livelihood of individuals with disabilities. Having personally gone through a generational family business transfer, he is thrilled to dedicate his firm’s work to helping companies or individuals keep the business, or its realized value, within the family.

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Getting Out Gracefully

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