Ed Mitzen

Founder of Fingerpaint

ED MITZEN is the founder of Fingerpaint, a health and wellness agency based in Saratoga Springs, New York, employing more than 350 people. Ed attributes the success of Fingerpaint to the “people-first” approach that prioritizes the well-being of his employees and the community above all. Together with his company and his family, Ed has contributed to numerous philanthropic organizations, including purchasing a bloodmobile for the American Red Cross and financing a homeless shelter for Shelters of Saratoga. Prior to Fingerpaint, Ed founded Palio Communications and CHS, two successful health and wellness companies that he later sold. He began his career in marketing with Cardinal Health. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University and an MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship from the University of Rochester.

More Than A Number: The Power Of Empathy And Philanthropy In Driving Ad Agency Performance

Publication Date: February 2020

THE SECRET TO AD AGENCY PERFORMANCE: EMPATHY AND PHILANTHROPY Have you ever felt that your ad agency is not strategic? Do you have to rewrite copy and bring them ideas, instead of the other way around? Have you ever signed a contract with an agency after being blown away by their team in a pitch, only to find that you are not working with the folks who pitched you but with a rotating cast of team members who simply don’t get the job done? Take it from someone who has been both a marketing executive selecting agencies and the founder of two successful advertising agencies: You are not alone. In this book, Ed Mitzen will take you behind the curtain to understand how to effectively evaluate agencies to choose a partner that can deliver for you and how to nurture the relationship to produce positive performance for years to come.

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