Clara Fishel

Clara creates engaging content to build an authoritative online presence for our Members. Drawing on her knowledge of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, her posts showcase the Member’s message and draw clients to their site. Each day, she gathers articles that speak to their theme and mission, ever on the hunt for new topics and angles to leverage in social posts. She also cultivates strategic connections with industry-specific influencers on behalf of the Member.

In the absence of content writers like Clara, our Members’ day to day interaction with their target audience would vanish. Her role demands the ability to adapt to a number of different written voices. She and her fellow writers have spearheaded the creation and implementation of a content system that deftly balances promotional content, organic posting, engagements, and campaigns. Working in the diverse tapestry of our entrepreneurial vertical, she is able to explore and research a rich variety of topics.

Clara’s background is nothing if not eclectic. She grew up on a farm, avidly played sports and coached teams, all of which she balanced with her church involvements. She attended North Carolina State for Agriculture Science and Business Management. There, she managed the social media presence of her softball team, for which she was able to build a fan base and advertise games. In addition, she is training for a pilot’s license. She thoroughly enjoys seeing the impact and reach of her work through the Member’s platform. Cassandra Clare and Edgar Allan Poe are among her favorite authors.

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