Benjamin Breier

Former CEO and Member of the Board of Directors of Kindred Healthcare

Benjamin Breier is the former CEO and member of the Board of Directors of Kindred Healthcare, positions he held from March 2015 to December 2021. He serves on the Board for the Federation of American Hospitals, is a member of the Wall Street Journal CEO Council, and a founding member and chairman of the board of the Louisville Healthcare CEO Council.

Prior to joining Kindred Healthcare, Breier worked his way through the industry, serving as Assistant Vice President of Baptist Health Systems following Hurricane Andrew’s devastation of Florida in 1995. In 1997, Breier became COO of Premier Practice Management, quickly rising to CEO in 1998. After a stay at Concentra, Inc., Ben began his work for Kindred Healthcare in 2005 as President of the company’s Rehabilitation Division.

Over the years he would expand his expertise and grow to hold titles of President of Hospital Division, COO, and President of the company before rising to CEO in 2015. While at Kindred, Ben guided a transformation of the company. He oversaw multiple acquisitions that turned Kindred into the largest provider of post-acute healthcare services in the country. All the while, Ben worked to enhance the patient experience by focusing on holes in the full spectrum of care in order to improve experiences and outcomes.

For nearly 25 years now, Ben has been disrupting the way healthcare providers do business to the benefit of those who matter most: the patients. Now he’s turning his attention industry-wide to help leaders shake off the status quo, and create a system that’s better for everyone.

Modern Healthcare magazine named Breier one of the 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare on three occasions and, in 2010, rec­ognized him as one of the young leaders aged forty and under making a difference in healthcare. Louisville Business First named Ben Breier its 2018 Excellence in Business Leadership honoree.

Intentional Disruption: Leadership Lessons in Healthcare, Business, and Beyond

Publication Date: January 2022


As the president and chief executive officer of Kindred Healthcare LLC, Ben Breier has witnessed massive disruptions to the healthcare industry. Gaining an early understanding of how to survive disruptions on the baseball field proved to be invaluable when he entered this challenging field. Using techniques honed over the course of his leadership career, Ben has been able to not only survive disruptions but thrive using intentional disruption as a business strategy. Learning to harness the power of disruption and use it in an intentional way became the key to his success in business.

This is not a technical business book; it’s an emotional leadership survival guide that speaks to the trend in emerging leaders to be connected to a mission rather than just a salary. This book, written for today’s leaders and tomorrow’s emerging leaders, examines how disruptions have the power to control us unless we develop the skills and tools needed to control them.

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