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ForbesBooks works actively with literary agents and strategic partners who represent and work with the top business leaders from around the world.

When we team with literary agents and other strategic partners, our goal is to get connected with business leaders who are the right “fit” for our imprint: those who want to grow their business and authority with a book and gain access to the multi-platform marketing horsepower of the Forbes brand.

We built ForbesBooks to serve the unique needs of top business leaders who want to make a global impact with their message, but aren’t so keen on the long timeline, loss of control and often limited marketing reach the traditional publishing process brings.

By design, ForbesBooks is not an advance-paying “traditional” publisher, but we do pay advances to literary agents and strategic partners who help us find the right fit. If you have a credentialed author, entrepreneur, CEO or professional with a great message whose primary goal is using their book to grow their business, ForbesBooks could be a great fit.

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