Adam Beebe

Sales Operations

Adam’s expertise lay in the analytical realm of sales. As our resident sales ops specialist, he tends to the operational and logistical health of the department. “If Member Development touches it, I’m responsible for it on the back end,” Adam explains. He tirelessly updates SalesForce to reflect where a potential Member is within our sales funnel. All the while, he takes on certain ongoing projects, such as integrating new business units into the existing sales framework, and training new Team Members on the intricacies of our SalesForce system.

He describes himself as “naturally curious, inclined to “take things apart and make them better.” This captures the spirit of his role at Advantage|ForbesBooks. He carefully tracks conversion rates at each stage of the sales process, honing in on areas which, when adjusted, will impact revenue. Adept in the arithmetic of sales, he is able to test hypotheses on the efficacy of a given sales strategy. Data is sturdier than intuition, and Adam leverages all data available to him to inform his decisions.

While he began his academic career in engineering, Adam eventually shifted to finance and obtained a degree in Financial Management Services from Clemson University. However, after getting a taste of that career path, he course-corrected to sales operations. He took on an operations analyst role with PeopleMatter and later Snagajob. This is where he honed his skill in sales operations and data analysis. He names Ernest Hemingway as favorite author.

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